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Commemorate that Special Occasion

Celebrate your or your loved one's Wedding, Anniversary, Birthday, or other special occasion with a unique gift that will truly last through the ages. 

When you commission a painting or drawing, you are creating something totally unique-- one-of-a-kind, not mass-produced, and completely personal. 

Art is meant to be enjoyed; commission your artwork today so you or a loved one can enjoy it everyday.

To inquire about your commission, please fill out the form below and click 'Submit"
Price and Product Guidelines 

Prices can range from $150 - $500 for small works, drawings, or quick paint sketches, $800 - $1,800 for medium sized or simpler pieces, and $2,000 and up for large or complex pieces

 For an estimate on the price of the commission, I'll need to know the approximate size, medium, and subject matter of the piece. 

For quotes on commissions, fill out the form above or send me an E-mail at: 

What can a commission be?

Personalized Still Life

Objects can tell a story as well as words. Perhaps is the bouquet from your wedding; perhaps it is your grandfather's WWII medal; perhaps it is your child's first pair of baby shoes. Whatever the subject, whatever the story, allow me to create a unique and personalized still life from the objects in your life that are meaningful to you.

Not your Typical Portrait

Commemorate yourself or your loved one in an original portrait painting-- not your typical dry, formal portrait. All my works seek to capture the life of the sitter in a dramatic and compelling composition.

What is the process of a commission?

The process begins with the idea. Perhaps you know exactly what you want: a small portrait of your youngest grandchild to hang in your living room; perhaps you have some idea, you want a wedding gift for your best friend, but you are not sure of the details; Perhaps you are not sure at all, but you would like a beautiful painting to hang in that empty spot above the sofa; whichever stage you are at, it starts with a free consultation in which we determine the size, subject, medium and price of the piece.  

Whenever possible, I set up the composition from a session in real-life, in which I'll take some reference photos, and develop a few composition sketches. From these sketches the best composition will be selected, and I will begin the process of creating the artwork. 

Once it is ready, you may pick up the artwork or have it shipped to you. 

Lastly, enjoy your painting!