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Why Commission a painting? The choice to commission a piece means to significantly appreciate a subject, and to make a monument to it as only a work of art can.  Commissions are often intended as gifts for loved ones, or as commemorations to valued people or ideas. 
Unlike photography, the painting or drawing is hand-made, requiring 
much more time and care put into its creation. Works done from life are especially unique, as they capture not just an image, but an entire experience
The Artist understands that commissions come from a place of deep appreciation, and therefore bringing the client's vision to life is her number one priority.                
Price and Product Guidelines
Every commission is unique. Therefore, the price will vary by size, medium, finish, and estimated longevity of the project. Unfortunately this makes it difficult for me to provide a list of prices with accuracy; the best way for me to give you an accurate estimate is through inquiry. After I gain an understanding of what sort of piece you are looking for I will be able to provide you with a price. 

Alla-Prima Portrait Sketch -- Oil Painting or Charcoal Drawing
Works done in alla-prima are quick energetic sketches with lively brushstrokes. These are less polished, and completed in a few sessions.

Finished Portraits -- Oil Painting or Charcoal Drawing
These pieces are polished, finished portraits, more finished than alla-prima sketches. Portraits can be of the subject's face and shoulders, from the waist up, or be full-figure. They can also be grand and life size, or more intimate, as small as 12x12.

Finished Still Life -- Oil Painting 
Still Lifes can be of almost any inanimate subject. These are polished, finished oil paintings, and can range from as small as 6x6 to 18x24. A few things clients should consider if they are thinking of commissioning a still life are subject, size, and preferred color scheme.