Why Commission a painting? The choice to commission a piece means to significantly appreciate a subject, and to make a monument to it as only a work of art can.  Commissions are often intended as gifts for loved ones, or as commemorations to valued people or ideas. 
Unlike photography, the painting or drawing is hand-made, requiring 
much more time and care put into its creation. Works done from life are especially unique, as they capture not just an image, but an entire experience
The Artist understands that commissions come from a place of deep appreciation, and therefore bringing the client's vision to life is her number one priority.                

Commissioning a Still Life

When commissioning a still life, the client and artist will first discuss specific ideas for the subject, color scheme, and size of the project. Eliza will create compositional sketches based on these ideas until the client approves the sketch of their choice. The duration of the project will be determined by the size, complexity of the objects, and medium; with these factors, the process can take anywhere from three to eight weeks, but the client is welcome to visit the studio at any time to see the progress of the piece.

Commissioning a Portrait

When commissioning a portrait (or figurative work), the client may choose to have the artist work from life, from a photograph, or from a combination.
At the beginning of the project, after some discussion about what sort of painting the client is looking for, the subject of the portrait will come to the artist's studio so Eliza can make compositional sketches. After the composition and size of the piece has been decided and approved, the painting process will commence. The client will be fully updated about the progress, until the piece is finished to their approval. 

If the painting is to be done from a photo, the photograph will be taken at Eliza's studio, so that the artist can have full control of the lighting and environment. If the subject is unable to come in person, it may be possible that the client can take a photograph according to Eliza's specifications.
The length of time til completion is determined by size, medium, and desired level of finish. For a fully finished painting from life, the client can expect up to an estimated five to seven sittings (three to five for a drawing). A small sketch can be finished in one or two sittings. The method of working from life is the most traditional route, and is recommended for the fullest experience of the commissioning process.

Prices: The price of a piece will vary by the size, medium, and estimated longevity of the project. This will be determined upon inquiry. However, a general guide to prices are as follows:
- Still Life Oil Painting, 16 x 18 (or similar): approx. $2,500 
- 4-Hour, 9 x 11 (or similar) Portrait sketch. Drawing: $100, Painting: $200
- Finished life size (or similar) Portrait, head and shoulders. Drawing: $300, Painting: $800
- Finished life size (or similar) Portrait, head body and hands. Drawing: $500, Painting, approx. $2,500 

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Payment Process:
It is requested that the client pay a deposit of 40% of the agreed price before the painting process commences. Upon approval of the final piece, the other 60% can be payed. Payments can be made either by check or through Paypal.